Anna della Torre Jewels Handmade Florence


Ciao and welcome to my website.
I’m Anna, I live and work between Florence and London. All my jewels are hand made in my studio in Florence but often my house also becomes a chaotic laboratory.

I like to create using different techniques and materials: from ceramic to fabric, from casting to papier-maché. Sometimes I use old materials that are out of production. For this reason my jewels are often unique pieces or limited editions.
All my work is inspired by nature. I try to look for a bit of “green” soul that exists in each of us and synthesize it in a jewel. My collections are visually different: the golden metal and enamels of Wild Flowers, the baroque necklaces Vegetables, the minimalist sautoir in porcelain but all are joined by a “green thread”.

Ironic, joyful and wearable creations and each one represents a piece of nature, a small, infinite botanical book.
Some of my works are exhibited in galleries and private collections. Most of them travel around the world, worn by my fantastic customers. And this is my biggest satisfaction,

Good travels to us all!